Tomorrow makes 1 week since these precious babies came into the world! 🐾❤🐾.jpg

Bring home a Trained, Polite, and Happy Pup!

Fall 2022


In this class, we have Walter, Bear, and Happy. 

Walter, LVL III

Golden Retriever

Home: California 

Bear, LVL II

Golden Retriever/Bernese Mtn Dog

Home: Minnesota

Happy, LVL III


Home: California

Upcoming Enrollments for late fall 2022 include our first Rescued Canine, as well as Golden Retrievers, Boston Terrier/French Bulldog, and an English Mastiff! We're so excited.

With Summer class finishing, we are accepting applications for Winter 2022 at this time. Please write us if you are interested in enrollment, or if you have questions or other inquiries. 

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Ari's Babies and Previous Adoptees

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