Board and Train

The Board and Train Program is for dogs of all ages, breeds, and backgrounds. In this course, a student may learn her manners and obedience right alongside our CC pups. Or, a senior dog with a history of rude behaviors may be getting a bit of a clarification on life. Still yet, a rescue may be seeing the first kindness of her life...and will be helped to face her fears, and trust our trainers to help her and her forever family. 

Classic Canines' B&T is the most versatile program we offer. As behaviorists first, and trainers second, CC finds the root of communication with each individual dog before training can ever begin. Understanding the individual is vital to our success, and yours! We want to teach you about your pet, and teach your pet about our human world, too! 


How Our Pet Board and Train Program Works

Receive an application for class by using the contact form at the bottom of this page, or send an email if you are curious about what we can do for your pup.

Do you feel you have a more detailed case on your hands? This may include aggression and fear behaviors, and that's ok. Give us a call so we can have you speak with Aly right away. 

After initial contact, we will be able to send you your application for class.

Please note that applicants who have pets with a behavioral history of any aggression or fear behaviors must be evaluated in person prior to class enrollment. We do this so that we can see the behaviors, and place your student in the class that would benefit him or her the most! Remember: Individuality! 

The application packet will help us better understand the goals your family has for your pet. We are also able to assign your pet to the proper class period by placing him or her with classmates that would benefit them in an instinctual mental state (dogs should learn to be dogs in a balanced group!).

We allow only 2 B&T students at a time per class period, so your dog receives adequate attention, one-on-one training, and is safely supervised at all times. 

Training a Puppy with Snack

Board and Train is a minimum of 12 days, 13 nights.

  • Daily photos!

  • Weekly videos! 

  • One-on-One training upon pick-up.

  • One free refresher or follow-up session at CC.

  • Discounts on future boarding or other services. 

LVL I: $1000 (12 days)

LVL II: $1600 (21 days)

Currently, all Board and Train courses have been paused due to relocation from the Salt Lake City area. We hope to re-open in the winter of 2023. 

We will begin taking enrollments for Board and Train at our sister-location on the Gulf Coast in Sept, 2022. Enrollments for our future location in Georgia/North Carolina will open in Winter 2023.


Please contact us or complete the form below if you'd like to be added to our waitlist!