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Available Nationwide

Trained Puppies

We're teaching puppies and their families how to live together and understand one another. "Sit and Stay" along with other obedience skills are great and a wonderful focus, but at Classic we prioritize on teaching puppies how to properly and clearly communicate with their human family. 

Bring home an adorable, well behaved, loving pup. CC puppies have more than just obedience skills - they have life skills!


$1500 - $7000

The happiest pup around_! Maybe! That’s

Available at CC Utah

Board and Train


If you have a dog who needs a little help with manners, learning the basics, or who needs behavioral help, we're currently accepting new students!


Whether your dog is older or you have a new puppy, Classic's B&T program is the best way to help you and your dog achieve a clearer communication and a happier life together!


All B&T students will be taught along side our CC pups - Soon your pet will be a Classic Canine too! 



Puppy break on the hike! #puppytraining

Available in Salt Lake County and Surrounding

Group Classes

Beginning Sept.  2020​
Enroll Early! 

Not everyone can send their dog away for board and train, and not every dog (and their family) needs the in-depth curriculum of the CC Board and Train Program. 

If you're interested in learning more about how to communicate with your dog, teach him or her new behaviors and cues, or learn more about canine psychology, a group class may be just the program you're looking for! 

Learn directly from our Lead Trainer and Behaviorist in a 5 week course beginning September 2020.


$100/5 weeks

Yes, they know they're cute! #pupsofinst

Available Nationwide

Enrollment Full until Sept. 2023

Classic's Rescues

We are thrilled to announce the introduction of our Classic's Rescues program. Officially beginning in March 2020, we will begin rescue, training, and adoptions for homeless dogs in need of help.  

Rescues will be selected from a long roster of candidates who have been evaluated and hand-selected by our Lead Behaviorist and Trainer. Once chosen and cleared for enrollment, these lucky pups will come to CC Utah to learn and heal from their pasts before they're offered here on our website for adoption. Each Rescue will complete no less than 4 weeks of training and rehabilitation before going home. 

Families interested in adopting from Classic's Rescues are encourage to write us. 

More details coming soon - be sure to follow us on social media as this exciting new program begins. 



Don't forget to take your dog(s) on an a

Available at CC Utah


No need to worry while you're away on vacation or a business trip - Bring your dog to CC for his or her own canine vacation!



*discounts for graduates

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